From an Escort to a Wife: How I met my Hubby

Seeing your friends put on those expensive outfits, party every other Friday is a harrowing experience for a young lady like me. Peer pressure isn’t easy to contain, especially for us, ladies. We always want to fit in. And from being a virgin, young student in college, I tried to fit in with my colleagues. However, my parents could only afford to pay my fee and give me a few bucks for my upkeep.

So, to fit in, I decided to talk to one of my friends who suggested I could be a masseuse in one of the studios, a few miles away from my studio apartment. For lack of a better option, I decided to take up the challenge. It was an opportunity to earn a few coins to help out with my upkeep and at least go out with my girls every weekend.

After going through the dos and meeting the requirements, I started my job, which required that I give in 4 hours every to get something substantial. During my first month, the process ran out smoothly. However, I wasn’t getting enough despite getting returning clients. When I talked to one of my colleagues, the idea of offering an after service for my male clients, like a hand job, would earn me more tips.

Due to the push for more money, I became open to my clients and asked them every time they would want to have an extra service. I was a master of my destiny, and every client who came in could ask for my additional service, which I diligently delivered well, and it paid.

As I continued with my studies, I used to check most London blogs about escorts, and I decided to register with one of the London escort agencies within my area. At this time, I decided to be an escort. However, the rule as an escort is never to have feelings and fall in love with your client.

But matters of the heart and body are hard to control. One of my clients at the masseuse studio followed me up to my new station, and we ended up having a good night out together. He was a man who was slow in handling my bed needs. He gave me a ride that non of my clients had ever given me. We surrendered to each other. It took about another month, he became a regular client, but I was slowly falling for her during this period.

One Saturday afternoon, she requested if we could have dinner together later in the day. After a wild thought, I told him it was possible. All I didn’t know, Alex, my ex-client, currently my hubby, had fallen in love with me.

At the agreed time, we meet at one of my favorite restaurants. All this time, I didn’t know Alex had organized for a band, and it was at this point that he proposed to me to be his wife. It was the best moment of my life. I felt love, I felt appreciated, and all I could say is YES to him.

From the streets as a masseuse girl offering massage, as an escort, to being a wife to a lovely husband who knows how to love and care. We are currently expecting our first baby boy. In the end, I say, “love is stupid, and you never know where you will meet your soul, mate.” Yes, I met my hubby while on duty as an escort. Isn’t love beautiful and stupid at the same time? Well, I now live a happy life.